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Please take into consideration that we are keeping low inventories at this time, hence encouraging orders to be placed 24hr in advance, especially for some highly perishable higher end products. Call 561-997-0027 to place your order!


STARTERS    everything $10

Escargots     previously 12
Six snails baked in garlic butter w/parsley

Pâté de Campagne     prev. 10
Chunky yet spreadable pâté prepared w/ pork meat & liver, served w/ Dijon, onion confit, cornichon & crostini

Flambé Shrimp     prev. 11
Shrimp sautéed w/ garlic, shallots & parsley, flambéed w/ Whiskey

Fromage     prev. 13
French Gruyère (Comté), mild French Blue Cheese (Fourme d’Ambert) & Goat Cheese served w/ walnuts, sliced apple, grapes & crostini

SALADS    prices unchanged

House Green Salad     8 by itself or 4 w/ the purchase of any Entrée
Lettuce topped w/ diced tomatoes & red onions served w/ balsamic vinaigrette

Goat Cheese Salad     13
Lettuce topped w/ goat cheese crumbles, sliced poached pear & walnuts served w/ balsamic vinaigrette
           Add Chicken $5, Sautéed Shrimp $6, Broiled Salmon $8

COMFORT FOOD ENTREES     everything $17

Each Entrée comes w/ a serving of French Baguette & butter


Coq au Vin     prev. 19   
Roasted leg & thigh of chicken served over linguine w/ red wine sauce infused w/ mushroom, carrots & pearl onions

Herbs-Roasted Chicken     prev. 18
Roasted leg & thigh of chicken seasoned w/ Dijon & herbs de Provence, served w/ French fries

Linguini al Pesto    prev. 18
Linguine pasta topped w/ our Chef’s pesto sauce & shredded parmesan (extra cheese $1.50)
         Add Chicken $5, Fresh Mushroom $5, Sautéed Shrimp $6, Sea Scallops $11

Linguini Bolognese     prev. 18
Linguine pasta topped w/ tomato sauce, meatballs & shredded parmesan
         Add Extra Cheese $1.50, Fresh Mushroom $5

SPECIALTY ENTREES  everything $25

Each Entrée comes w/ a serving of French Baguette & butter

Norwegian Salmon     
prev. 26
Broiled fresh salmon served w/ our signature lemon dill sauce, garlic-sautéed spinach & rice

Tarragon Chicken     prev. 25
Tarragon-seasoned chicken breast, served w/ a white wine sauce, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Duck a l’Orange     prev. 28      
Partly de-boned roasted half duck served w/ a l’orange sauce, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Calf’s Liver     prev. 26
Thinly-sliced seared calf’s liver served w/ a red wine sauce, caramelized onions, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Beef Short Ribs     prev. 29
Bone-in braised beef short ribs served w/ smoky Bourbon bbq sauce, demi-glaze & roasted potatoes

GOURMET ENTREES  everything $32

Each Entrée comes w/ a serving of French Baguette & butter 

Filet Mignon    
prev. 35
8 oz black angus beef tenderloin served w/ peppercorn sauce, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Rack of Lamb     prev. 35
9 oz (3 to 4 chops) roasted rack of lamb seasoned w/ herbs de Provence, served w/ demi-glaze, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Duck Magret     prev. 32      
Rare to medium-rare pan-seared skin-on duck breast served w/ roasted cherries, a cherry reduction, garlic-roasted potatoes & fresh green beans

Mediterranean Branzino     prev. 30  (Friday & Saturday only w/a 24hr pre-order)
Seared butterfly filet served w/ julienne zucchini & carrots, cherry tomato & Kalamata olives sautéed w/ a touch of extra virgin olive oil, garlic & lemon

Sea Scallops     prev. 29  (Friday & Saturday only w/a 24hr pre-order)
Pan-seared sea scallops rested a top garlic-sautéed spinach finished w/ a drizzle of balsamic reduction, served w/ rice


FRENCH BAGUETTE (whole) $3.75

Not to be sold separately

Desserts   everything $6

Lavender Crème Brûlée     prev. 9
Lavender-infused custard topped w/ crispy caramelized sugar

Chocolate Mousse     prev. 8
Traditional French dark chocolate pudding

Chocolate Fondant    prev. 9
Soft chocolate cake served warm w/ a berry sauce

Poached Pear     prev. 8
Pear poached in an aromatic light red wine syrup naturally flavored w/ cinnamon & star-anis

Changes or substitutions will be charged accordingly. These prices & offers can NOT be used along with any other promotions, vouchers & gift certificates.
A minimum 15% service charge is welcome to help support our employees who are suffering hours & tips cut


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“ Great service, very friendly and attentive ”

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” Enjoy your meal and go for a mini vacation to France while overlooking a beautiful water fountain located right outside the restaurant “

” Convenient location — charming, warm atmosphere, welcoming to anyone French and English speaking “




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