$10 Lunch Combinations

Served w/ a Side of House Salad or a Cup of Vegetable Soup
Add $3 for French Onion Soup, $2 for a Bowl of Vegetable Soup or Fries

Mushroom  Crêpe 
Savory crêpe filled w/ garlic-sautéed fresh mushroom, parsley & a touch of cream

Seafood Crêpe
Savory crêpe filled w/ shrimp & julienne vegetables in creamy Cognac sauce

Parisian Sandwich
Ham, Swiss & Lettuce on buttered French baguette
(Substitute Brie  for Swiss $1)

Pâté Sandwich      NEW
Ham, Swiss & Lettuce on buttered French baguette

Chicken Sandwich      NEW RECIPE
Chicken salad seasoned w/ Herbs de Provence & Dijon mayo, celery, craisins & walnuts on French baguette

Turkey Sandwich      NEW
Sliced rotisserie turkey breast, tomato & lettuce, Herbs de Provence & Dijon mayo on French baguette

No sharing, no substitutions, not valid with any offer or coupon

Lunch Petite Entrées

Linguini al Pesto     10
Linguine tossed in our Chef’s pesto sauce
Add Chicken $5, Fresh Mushroom $5, Shrimp $6, Broiled Salmon $8)

Norwegian Salmon     15
Broiled fresh salmon served w/ dill sauce & rice

Boeuf Bourguignon     14
Beef stewed in red wine sauce with carrots & pearl onions served w/ rice

Merguez Frites     12
Spicy lamb sausage seasoned w/ cumin served w/ French fries

House Salad $2, Vegetable Soup Cup $2 / Bowl $4,
French Onion Soup $5, Fresh vegetable $4

Soups & Salads ‘A la Carte’

Gratinée Onion Soup     9
Traditional French onion soup topped w/ melted cheese

Seasonal Vegetable Soup     8
Ask about our Chef’s vegetable-based soup

House Salad     8
Green lettuce topped w/ diced tomato & onion, served w/ balsamic vinaigrette

Chopped Caesar Salad     11
Romaine lettuce topped with garlic croutons & shaved parmesan

Chicken Salad     10
Lettuce topped w/ chicken salad seasoned w/ herbs of Provence Dijon mayo, celery, craisins & walnuts

Goat Cheese Salad     13
Lettuce topped w/ goat cheese crumbles, slices of red wine-poached pear & walnuts served w/ balsamic vinaigrette

Caprese Salad     13
Sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella & Kalamata olives seasoned w/ pesto, olive oil, balsamic

Vegetable Soup Cup $2 / Bowl $4, French Onion Soup $5, French fries $3
Roasted Chicken $5, Anchovies $3,  Shrimp $6, Salmon $8


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“ Great service, very friendly and attentive ”

“ This is a very nice restaurant, low noise level, linen tablecloths and close to shopping in Boca ”

” Enjoy your meal and go for a mini vacation to France while overlooking a beautiful water fountain located right outside the restaurant “

” Convenient location — charming, warm atmosphere, welcoming to anyone French and English speaking “